Etsy Shop update!

NEW items available now on Etsy. At work today, I had my beautiful lady friends try on the Bueno Bueno accessories and strike a pose for the camera. (This was done during a 10 minute break with a dying camera; It was NOT a planned photoshoot shoot or anything). On my way out the door I realized I needed some help demonstrating how the accessories can be worn so around 10 am I told my cute friends I needed help and they were glad to help. Thank God they aren't weird about being photographed last minute.

Bueno Bueno Headband

bueno bueno headband

Bueno Bueno Headbands

Bueno Bueno Headband

Bueno Bueno Headband

Bueno Bueno Headwrap

Bueno Bueno Headwrap

Bueno Bueno Feather Dangle

Bueno Bueno Wristband

Bueno Bueno Wrist/Arm Wrap

Bueno Bueno Arm/Wristband

Now I'm on a hunt to find some gents that will model some Bueno Bueno gear for me and I need a real photography session. Hopefully this works for now :)
(I'm also working on all black feather accessories as well)

If you like what you see, visit the Bueno Bueno Etsy Shop!

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