flower power.

flower power.
Even if you're not a girlie girl, it's fun to rock the floral prints!
flower vest.
floral vest - thrifted
floral tights
floral tights- forever 21
flower power
floral clutch- thrifted
flower power
the vest looks like the same exact print as the clutch! feels like the same fabric too! they did not come in a set though! i bought them at 2 different thrift stores/different years too! cra cra!
pretty flower ring- thrifted
gold ring- urban outfitters (2005)

Kellys floral
old UO floral button-down
This is my ultimate summer shirt. I love wearing this on super hot days, sunny days with cut offs and a big floppy hat.
old UO Floral Dress
I LOVE this dress. I bought it four years ago and I have never worn it! It's completely see-through and the back is opened so I don't know what I'm suppose to wear underneath. If you know, please help a sista out!
Floral Dress Detail
XXI floral cardigan
This cardigan is from Forever XXI and I love to pair it with a masculine button-down and my grey jeans.

dude kelly! mom had one just like that, i used to wear it in elementary bc i thought it was so cool!
Floral Skirt
Brandi gave me this skirt a LONG time ago. I believe it is an Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters.
Floral Dress
Bought this on sale last year at a boutique in Lubbock, Indigenous. It has to super large pockets on the front of the skirt and the back is fully exposed so I can only wear it when i'm in tip-top shape :)
Thrifted flower necklace
This is my favorite piece of jewelry that I have had for years. It was a thrifted (somewhere in austin) gift.
are you a fan of floral prints?
what are your favorite floral items?