what I've been doing

I'm still working on my room even though I may be moving out of the trailer soon(ish). I'm having a lot of fun without all the pressure of "serious" decorating. Basically, I'm just experimenting/playing around because anything flies in a trailer :) 

My newest addition was simple

and I love it. I'm super tempted to add lettering to the yellow fabric, but I think it'll just be too dang busy with all the colors and cranes. What do you think? Do I leave it simple or add lettering? I guess I'll give it a week. I need to add more of something.

I have also been working on CD packaging, blog layout and more things to put up in etsy.

Since I only have one bedroom in the trailer that is mine, the bed doubles as my work station. I just add a sheet and a piece of glass and ta-da, my janky work station :) It is truly amazing how you can make anything work for you.

I love these and wish I could keep them, but I must send them on their way. Check back this weekend to see the finished product 

I am almost always tired because I wake up, go to work, get home, and work again. I love it. Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the things you want to create? Sleep definitely went out the window years ago. 

muchos besos