Heavy Moods for Twilight

My good friend Daniel Markham knows a LOT about music. He listens to almost everything and appreciates all kinds of music. This (obviously) means he is aware of tons of good stuff that many of us are not privy to. However, the flip side of this is that he loves tons of what many might label "cheese" or "ridiculous" music. Either way, the dude's informed.

We were going to put together a play list of guilty pleasures that we don't feel guilty about, but things got side tracked somewhere along the way. Instead, Markham has compiled a list of records that sound really good, specifically records that sound BIG. If that term is vague or unclear to you, take the third choice on Danny Boy's list: Nevermind. Yes, Butch Vig = BIG. Now you've got it.

And, now looking over this list, this somewhat sums up Daniel Markham.

Welcome to his head.