a peek into my new life

This is my end of the trailer! It's no double wide, but it's my new home.

This is how my room looked the first week. eeeks.

This is how it looked on Saturday after my dad arrived with my vanity (on the left) and a few other items that I left in Houston.

I alternate the box fan and the space heater often...haha. I have never used these before last week.

After my Dad drove up a truck load of my stuff, he helped me fix my room a little. He spoils us girls. (Brandi- I'm allowed to wear my hair in a ponytail while doing housework :) )
It didn't take long for me to accidentally smashed my dad's fingers. He stepped back and let me do it myself

This is a part of downtown Terrell (I snapped the picture while driving). I plan on visiting some of the shops down this street on Saturday morning. I'll take pictures. Maybe the sky will be a color other than gray. 

Believe it or not, this place is smaller than Lubbock (the last place I lived).

Every morning I wake up at 7 and am on the road by 7:50. I sit in traffic like this everyday on the way to and from work for about an hour. I usually get coffee, listen to music that I can scream along to, and sometimes if I come to a complete stop I get to take pictures and doodle. lemonade. What do you like to do on long drives or while you're sitting in traffic? 

I sleep in co-workers (that are also my friends) clothing when I don't feel like making the long drive after work.

goofy friends are a must.

...and I get to go to DSVC (forgive the original typo...i was tired when I posted this) meetings at the magnolia once a month to get inspiration from other Graphic Designers. 

So my room is a DUMP, but it's my big project right now and I've got plans baby! I am a little embarrassed to post how I am starting out, but it can only get better right? 

Do you have any house/apt/trailer projects going on?

If not, is there something you want to change in your living space?

What was you first job post high school/college?

Any tips on fixing up a trailer room? 

Prettier images coming soon.
I hope all of you are having a good week and are finding tons of inspiration in your surroundings.