Mama G and some tunes

My cute little Mama G came into town this weekend. She originally came into town to help me look for a place to live in Dallas, but it's looking like I'll be moving to Nashville instead! 

Guess who else came in town...
The lovely Amanda Shires and Rod Picott!

Since Mama G and I ended up with all this free time, we decided to drive into Dallas to see/hear some talent. The show was at the All Good Cafe Saturday night and it was the perfect show to take my mom to. Also playing was Doug Burr (with Glen Farris).

It was the first time I had ever seen/heard them and I hope I can see them again before I flee the state.
It was an all around AWESOME night. Good music, good company, good environment and red wine :) 
The rest of the weekend was dedicated to finding a dress for my friends wedding and a dress for the rehearsal dinner. My mom bought a red sassy dress for the wedding (post pictures later) and I found one for the rehearsal dinner and put it on hold to think it over.
Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion. I DID go back and buy it ANNND I wore it to work immediately out of excitement! 

Getting back to music, I've been on a bit of a kick lately. I have recently seen The Diamond Center, Rodney Parker, Josh Ritter, Amanda Shires, Doug Burr, and this weekend I'll be seeing The Literary Greats. I've seen them in Dallas, Houston and Austin and it's always a good time! Below are some photos I took of TLG at SXSW this year.

If you are in Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth, you should come out this weekend and say hello.

p.s. I need to mix it up...anyone recommend any bands that I can shake it to? I need some birthday/dance music.



Friday I couldn't wait to get out of work! I was so pumped to head to Dallas The Literary Greats at Bryan Street Tavern and then CANTON!

BTW... I got this HUGE poster-sized Ryder (my nephew) for my walls. What do you think? Creepy? I can't help it, this kid brightens up my life in seconds and now I'm five hours away from him, so I couldn't have thought of a better addition to my trailer walls.

On to the show...

Yeah, they're awesome.
If you don't believe me, check them out here.

I spent the whole day in Canton, Texas. Every first Monday of the month weekend, the whole town turns into a gigantic flea market and it is HEAVENLY. I am definitely going back next month and am taking my piggy bank with me. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

I wanted this Singer case so bad. I'm such a sucker for wooden cases and luggage. 

These made me miss my brother sooooo much. Love ya Bub.

I thought this was super cool. Has anyone ever made one of these before?

The stone feather owned my heart immediately. I told myself, "Oh, I'll get it on the way out" then I forgot where it was. Plus, I didn't have cash and this trip was more of a scoping things out trip v. splurge.

I collect tins (I had to leave them all in Houston :(  ) and this table was all just tins. Amazing.

I have a terrible fear of dolls that no one can quite understand, but seriously, look at this picture...CREEPY.

Alan on the other hand couldn't get enough of the dolls. He wanted to buy a few dolls, but I told him there was no way he was getting in the car with one of those.

(for all you Thermos lovers out there)

Justin bought a road sign early on and ended up carrying it around all day :(

That night, I drove into Dallas (again) to see Scott H. Biram and The Dirt Daubers

I honestly didn't want to go at first because I was so tired, but I was so happy that we did because I loved the music and the musicians were so wonderful. Check out the ceiling of the All Good Cafe. It is completely covered with paper cranes and butterflies. This inspired me to change up my room...

I figured out Origami (it took a while) and started decking out my ceiling.
old maps and kraft paper

After I completed stringing my first set...sooooo happy.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

bits of DALLAS!

we are skipping the fitness post today bc brandi has a hair class and evening bootcamp today so i decided to post my weekend recap.
what I wore on my little outing

Map of Dallas from gas station...4.95
Camera found by brother in law...free 
Flower cardi from forever 21...19.99 (i think)
Stripped mustard shirt from Target (sale)...3.99
Dress from Brandi...gift

I was still waiting for the weather to get better form exploring, but I really don't see that happening. Looks like the English weather is here to stay. 

Reed and Justin took me around a section of downtown Dallas today. Lucky for me, Justin is a bottomless pit of knowledge when it comes to most things, but especially when it comes to Dallas. 

I like stairwells full of light and stained glass.

When is the last time you've seen a mosaic

I love finding hidden nooks between buildings.

I thought this was so odd. Saint-in-a-box!

Apparently the red Pegasus is the symbol of Dallas
(image above found on google)

I wish I had a mailbox like this! If you have an amazing mailbox, please post it and let us know.

I found someone's cup during an elevator ride.

A salon we passed while walking around...makes me happy.

The first time I saw a BMW I thought was cute.

Who else can not wait to see this movie???

log cabin

(sorry about quality, I snapped these while driving)

Does anyone recognize this building (insert man with gun) ?

Does anyone know the name of this area (Hint: grassy_____)?

If you still don't know, Misfits Bullet lyrics should clue you in just a wee bit.
"texas is the reason that the president's dead"

Other than the whole assassination bit, the day was a lot of fun. I wasn't warm until I got home, but I can always suck it up for a little exploration.
We really wanted to successfully sneak in a building and make it to the roof, but we were not so successful. Anyone else do that when surrounded by tall buildings?
I really love old stuff/buildings and I was completely unaware of how many active old buildings there are in Dallas. I assumed it was like Houston. WRONG.
Anyone live in Dallas and have any recommendations for me?

If you haven't explored the area you live in as a tourist, I highly recommend it. There is no way you no everything there is to know about your area. Take a camera and some comfortable shoes and take a look around. You may discover something new.

 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Alan--If you are reading this, I love you and can't wait to see you!