Mama G and some tunes

My cute little Mama G came into town this weekend. She originally came into town to help me look for a place to live in Dallas, but it's looking like I'll be moving to Nashville instead! 

Guess who else came in town...
The lovely Amanda Shires and Rod Picott!

Since Mama G and I ended up with all this free time, we decided to drive into Dallas to see/hear some talent. The show was at the All Good Cafe Saturday night and it was the perfect show to take my mom to. Also playing was Doug Burr (with Glen Farris).

It was the first time I had ever seen/heard them and I hope I can see them again before I flee the state.
It was an all around AWESOME night. Good music, good company, good environment and red wine :) 
The rest of the weekend was dedicated to finding a dress for my friends wedding and a dress for the rehearsal dinner. My mom bought a red sassy dress for the wedding (post pictures later) and I found one for the rehearsal dinner and put it on hold to think it over.
Thank you to everyone who gave their opinion. I DID go back and buy it ANNND I wore it to work immediately out of excitement! 

Getting back to music, I've been on a bit of a kick lately. I have recently seen The Diamond Center, Rodney Parker, Josh Ritter, Amanda Shires, Doug Burr, and this weekend I'll be seeing The Literary Greats. I've seen them in Dallas, Houston and Austin and it's always a good time! Below are some photos I took of TLG at SXSW this year.

If you are in Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth, you should come out this weekend and say hello.

p.s. I need to mix it up...anyone recommend any bands that I can shake it to? I need some birthday/dance music.