karaoke engagement/ superhero photoshoot

hello friends meet  the fullens, the funniest couple i know. i asked becca to send me some photos and tell her story bc its more than awesome. its FANTABULOUS!!! her husband jesse rocks! and gets major points for his super rad proposal!
look at the screen. HAHA!
 how we got engaged. i love this story! jesse took me to seattle in january of '07. we were basically already engaged in our minds but hadn't made it official yet. i knew that he had bought me a ring and that we were planning on visiting lots of romantic locations while we were there. he took me to gasworks park (the park where they play paintball in 10 things i hate about you!!), we strolled down the beach, we went out on the piers, went up in the spaceneedle, gazed up at mount rainier, ooohed and ahhhed over soqualmie falls... and... nothing. i was like wth, is he getting cold feet or something?

i think maybe it was the 5th night of our week long trip we were there we went out for karaoke. we did that on a regular basis. at least once a week. we were just doing it in another state this time, or so i thought. we were there with a bunch of jesse's friends from college and the whole night he wouldn't sit next to me. once again, i was like WTH why are you being weird??  finally he went up to sing. 'somebody to love' by queen. i had never heard him sing that one before. he called me up to the stage with him and dropped down on one knee. he started unbuttoning his shirt. what??? he was talking too but i don't remember what he said. he was wearing a tshirt underneath with iron-on letters that said "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" i can't describe the feeling of that moment as anything other than magical. i squeeked out a "yes of corse!" and just then the DJ pulled 2 bottles of champagne  from under his booth. and we partied all night, and for the rest of our lives. the end :)

as for the engagement shoot, we went with bohemian photography because we got along really well with jack and loved his ideas. we met with him a few times so we could get to know each other better and discuss what we wanted for the shoot. somehow it came up that jesse wore his superman costume to school on occasion in high school.. just because. so jack came up with this idea that i could be a damsel in distress tied up to train tracks. i was like hey... i want to wear a costume too. it just escalated and escalated and soon i was in a skimpy wonderwoman costume that more resembled a bathing suit than a costume (and i'm not a skinny gal) and a wavy brown wig and knee high red boots. our shoot went all over the place.... coffee shops, gas stations, record stores, building rooftops... it was ridiculous. and so much fun. of  course we took some "normal" pictures too for our parents sake and stuff but the superhero portion was definitely the highlight.

I hope this post makes you guys happy and inspired. this post is way better than the superbowl. keep checking back for mor amazing engagement photos:) this wedding series  has been so much fun! it just started last saturday so you haven't missed much. this is just the 4th post.

are you watching the superbowl today?