rannie balias

street style. new york

so while i was in new york i saw all kinds of people. most people wore black. which is ok but id rather see color. thats just me though. the streets were filled with inspiring,stylish, un- stylish beautiful, ugly, sad, serious, happy, skinny, fat, tall, and short people. it was so much fun just getting lost in the city and do nothing but people watch. it was like that no doubt song - staring problem." S-T-A-R-I-N-G i cant stop staring"
rannie's always on top of it.
perfect from head to toe.

creative director for JPG magazine
jewelry designer/owner of chrisrann

the make it happen guy.
i love his style. effortless.
agent/rep for surface to air.
dave has the best style. and yes this is the k.o.l. jacket.
jacob wants it so bad.

the model. after i shot this my friend recruited her.
i would totally wear this and the messy bun.

photographer/ designer. film industry.
what can i say it's dave. mr cool.

the stylsit.
i forgot the name of these glasses but it started with an "M"
he was all about this photo. love the jacket. love the fur.

the buyer.
he was such a cutie. a little shy.
the hat and glasses= good call.

graphic designer for method.
love the jacket. love the jeans. love it all.

the girl with bowl cut.
i love this cut. sometimes. she rocked it. 

the love birds.
guessing she is a model (with those legs) and he is in a band?
doesn't he look like oliver twist?

the 50's dreamer. 
this hairstyle is "the look" for guys right now.

urban cowgirl. the texter.
i am in love with her hair!

when i saw him i thought JOHN LENNON!
he had the best head of hair i was sad i didn't get to my camera for a front view.

the planner.
he just looks smart.

random new yorker.
love the bow and the shoes. hate the cig.

i wish i would have taken more photos but a couple of days my battery died and other days i forgot my camera.
i had a blast!
it ends tuesday at midnight.

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food in new york.

since i've been in new york i have been meeting up with lots of friends for coffee, brunch, and dinner.
here are some of the places that i've checked out so far...
this place was cute, the waiter was super nice, coffee was weak.
 i met up with lauren and pita (houston peeps that have moved here) so i didn't mind about the coffee.

the french toast was awesome! and the orange marmalade syrup was yummy!

the veggie omlet was ok but once i put hot sauce it was better.
it was just a little bland for my taste. if you are thinking i ordered 2 things, i kind of did, rannie and i split our meals so we had more variety. we wanted salty and sweet. it's more satisfying that way.

sunday we met our friend dave pacho here at dumont. its has such a great vibe. loved it.

high five! we finally got a decent cup of joe

 the huevos ranchero's very goooood. bloody mary good and strong.
this place was rad. we sat in the back patio and enjoyed the awesome weather and good conversation.
thanks to dave who recommended us meeting here.

this place is called saltie's. we stopped here because rannie said they had the best salted caramel ice cream sandwhich's. well, they were out of caramel so we had maple and they were DEEELISH!

look dave and i both have elbow pouches! his jacket is awesome
its from the surface to air and kings of leon collaboration. jealous!
ive also eaten
thai food
lots of pizza
and sandwhiches
but i forget to take my camera sometimes.
and OMG my legs hurt from walking so much! dang!
i have a few more days to grub, then i start my no sugar no alcohol challenge.
keep telling me places i should check out. i have 3 more days here!


welcome to rannie's apt.
located in williamsburg new york.
she moved here in december, and took over our friend dave's lease while he is working in L.A.
when he comes back months from now she is thinking of taking the upstairs apt. things always just work out for her. good thing her and dave have stayed bff's over the years. 
their decor style is very compatible and similar so it works. 
ironing board + plants = genius. what kind of plants do you have? for me they have to be cacti or bamboo else they die:(

the perfect desk. the perfect chair. perfect work area.
see the chrisrann jewelry hanging.

the lighting in her room is amazing.

i love this. i want tree's and feathers for a bed!

i've been seeing the flag in the bedroom a lot lately.
you'll see what i mean.
every morning when we wake up we hear the same man singing very LOUD.
don't you love this bed?!! Dave Black made it. that boy has mad skillz...i wonder if jacob could do something like this for us?
i love this apartment and its crown molding, high ceilings, wood floors, windows, sliding doors, and the natural lighting. what do you think?
show me your room? or a room you love! do you have a link?
if you could title this post what would it be called?

later in the week....
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and more....