surafce to air leather jacket

my first rose bowl experience.

last weekend lauren and i met up with my my friend/old manager chris and he took us to the rose bowl flea market.  i was super stoked because well, i heard it was awesome and that it was vintage junk heaven! lauren and i ended up splitting up because its hard to keep a group together at that sort of just get lost.
i thought i would share some of the photos with you so that you can feel like you were there with me too! i just love junk! i've always wanted to own a junk store...maybe someday... but until then....
vintage tee's
i was overwhelmed with awesomeness. but $100 for a shirt that isn't soft, thin or the perfect thanks!
kicking myself in the ass for not getting this.
old school

rose bowl








everytime kelly and i see thermos we laugh. inside joke sorry.







i seriously should of got this shirt for my month in california because i don't know how many times i had to say "I AM MARRIED!"
im a sucker for shades!

$10 dollars a key you must be out of your mind!

Have you been to rose bowl flea market? if not i suggest you make it out for sure! if i lived here in california i would go at least once a month.

7 tips before you go to the rose bowl flea market:
1. go early like 8am
2. bring a lot of cash. haggle the price for sure.
3. don't drink a lot before you go because you don't want to waste time in the restroom. plus they are gross.
4. wear comfortable shoes. i had to buy some there but it's ok because they were 3 dollars and super cute!
5. if you take a friend, warn them that you are going to take your time and look at everything so they better be patient.
6. bring a large tote or cart to carry all your treasures.
7. browse first, then buy...unless it's freaking awesome and you must have it right that second. (i say this because every booth has different price points)

Q. when you go to flea markets, garage sales, or swap meets what do you look for? do you already have in mind what you want?


food in new york.

since i've been in new york i have been meeting up with lots of friends for coffee, brunch, and dinner.
here are some of the places that i've checked out so far...
this place was cute, the waiter was super nice, coffee was weak.
 i met up with lauren and pita (houston peeps that have moved here) so i didn't mind about the coffee.

the french toast was awesome! and the orange marmalade syrup was yummy!

the veggie omlet was ok but once i put hot sauce it was better.
it was just a little bland for my taste. if you are thinking i ordered 2 things, i kind of did, rannie and i split our meals so we had more variety. we wanted salty and sweet. it's more satisfying that way.

sunday we met our friend dave pacho here at dumont. its has such a great vibe. loved it.

high five! we finally got a decent cup of joe

 the huevos ranchero's very goooood. bloody mary good and strong.
this place was rad. we sat in the back patio and enjoyed the awesome weather and good conversation.
thanks to dave who recommended us meeting here.

this place is called saltie's. we stopped here because rannie said they had the best salted caramel ice cream sandwhich's. well, they were out of caramel so we had maple and they were DEEELISH!

look dave and i both have elbow pouches! his jacket is awesome
its from the surface to air and kings of leon collaboration. jealous!
ive also eaten
thai food
lots of pizza
and sandwhiches
but i forget to take my camera sometimes.
and OMG my legs hurt from walking so much! dang!
i have a few more days to grub, then i start my no sugar no alcohol challenge.
keep telling me places i should check out. i have 3 more days here!