The last days of Summer are here. Actually, if you live in Houston, you know we have to melt a little bit longer. When we aren't working or laying in a body of water of sorts, we are most likely roaming the streets of Houston (Montrose) goofing off with friends/family and making light of the intense heat. You'd think we'd be use to it by now, but that's sadly not the case. No one is.

Brandi got back in town this weekend, so we caught up with our friend BFF Joe for some laughs and long boarding shenanigans. Don't worry mom + dad, I made sure to wear some biker shorts under my skirt! We have our usual Mucho Monday post with outfit details coming later today. Until then, enjoy the video (thanks for the help Joe!).

What did you guys do over the Labor Day weekend?

FEATURE FRIDAY:The Making Of A Music Video

Last year, about this time I was driving up to Lubbock, TX to meet up with my lady friend, Amanda Shires, to make a west TX music video with Cotton Films, Half Bison, half the town of LBK (or so it seemed). I always like to take things apart and see how the work and what goes on behind the scenes, so I wanted to share the video and few snap shots with you.

The set included a green screen, sweaty men, ice, equipment, sun block and every method of transportation. Yes, even the Lubbock fire department came out.

I took photos, met a bunch of talented folks, and powdered a nose or two.



I learned a lot of neat tricks, like how to be a bump in the road. That man under the side car shook every vehicle better than any bump in the history of bumps. Seriously, I never thought about detail like that when making a video.

Some of the men who made this video happen


These ladies were a trip! Perfectly in character the whole time.

Back to the future? Out of all the cars, this is the one I wanted to drive off in. It was so rad!

This hat started as a joke and ended up saving me by the end of the day. The sun/heat was brutal that day. Thank God for boots, thank God for hats.


Tonight, my dear friend Amanda reaches another milestone. If you live in or near Nashville, TN, you should attend her Grand Ole Opry debute. Had I known a few months out, I would have flown out there, so if you are within driving distance, get your booty to the show!

WEEKEND RECAP: Lonnie Webb X Bueno Bueno



A few weekends ago, our dear friend (and now our dearest!) Lonnie Webb came in town and took some killer photos of us Bueno gals. The weekend was full of laughter and the belly aches that follow that amount of laughter. I think between the three of us we really documented every moment whether it was on our phones, digital camera, instant cameras, or computers. If your curious here are some links to take a peek at our fun time. Did I mention he was a mega talented photographer?

We wish he would just move to TX already...