weekend recap


Last night Josephine, Taylor, and I headed to the Stash Co. Factory for a private living room show with Will Johnson. I had never been to a living room show with such _______ surroundings. Every time I am at the Stash Co. factory it inspires me in a completely different way. I just love that place so much and I get a little choked up when I think about Kelly getting to work at such an amazing company with people with hearts of Gold. I feel like she really found a place where she belongs.


But back to the show...There is no better feeling than sitting around a room full of awesome people all wanting to hear some sweet tunes. It was perfect and just the kind of night I needed. The lights, all the colors, and Will's raw voice that encouraged a sing-a-long was the highlight of my night, or ...was it Cheryl's Gourmet sandwiches in my belly. That's a tough one... I highly suggest you check out Will's music, I hadn't heard him live before but I'm glad I got to.


Josephine bought a one of a kind fringe belt pack and I bought some vinyl and had it autographed:)
I will definitely be going to the Stash factory next week to buy some goodies. I want an Apron to wear at the salon and I have my eye on some other bags. The question is buy one for Jacob or myself???
 Text to Jacob "Hey babe thinking of you while I ... hahaha."

Then I got a text from my main squeeze saying he was back in town so we headed to The Montrose to have a night Cap with him. Isn't he cute?


On Kelly:
Top <> Urban Outfitters // wishing I had this
Dress <> Wish Warehouse
On Wrist <> Fossil, Chrisrann, and vintage copper bracelets
Bolo <> hand made gift from our friend Victor
Boots  <> Ralph Lauren // wishing I had these

On Brandi:
Hair <> Tutorial on Treasures and Travels
Top <> Wish Warehouse
Necklaces <> Bueno key & Bueno name plate
Wrist bling <> Chrisrann
Pants <> PacSun
Shoes <> Tom's

Kelly showing off her wrestle mania moves. Just ignore the last photo if you are easily offended. She is just practicing her booty tightening skills. -b

Kelly's Weekend Recap
I got a call from a friend on Friday, just as I was leaving work, Inviting John Korey and I out to the country for some moonshine and art shopping. An hour and a half later we driving to the hill country. As soon as we pulled up we were greeted with smiles and Shiner, followed by a night digging through Chicken George's work and firing off a vintage gun. Well, I didn't, but Cheryl and Dolan did :)

Saturday was back to work and date night with JKP

Yesterday, John Korey and I attended the I Do! Bridal Soiree at the Hotel Zaza. Brandi was going to go with me, but last minute had to take a few clients, so JK jumped at the chance to drink bubbly and check out a bunch of 'girly things.' (post coming soon) The weekend ended with some good ol' fashioned family time at my pops and uncles house.


Brandi's Weekend Recap
So Friday I spent all day (10-6:30) flying back to Houston from California then Arizona, thank God I was in first class! My second flight had issues so I just sat there and sipped my wine like a good patient little lady. When I got home all I wanted to do was shower and go to sleep. Instead I showered and ordered a Pizza all for myself... and it felt good.

Saturday and Sunday are a blur. I worked hard at Do or Dye Tx then hung out with Family and grubbed.

We hope you had a great weekend too!

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@lisenbesquared (Bran and Jacobs!)
@iheartbueno (Kel)

WEEKEND RECAP: Lonnie Webb X Bueno Bueno



A few weekends ago, our dear friend (and now our dearest!) Lonnie Webb came in town and took some killer photos of us Bueno gals. The weekend was full of laughter and the belly aches that follow that amount of laughter. I think between the three of us we really documented every moment whether it was on our phones, digital camera, instant cameras, or computers. If your curious here are some links to take a peek at our fun time. Did I mention he was a mega talented photographer?

We wish he would just move to TX already...