On Kelly:
Top <> Urban Outfitters // wishing I had this
Dress <> Wish Warehouse
On Wrist <> Fossil, Chrisrann, and vintage copper bracelets
Bolo <> hand made gift from our friend Victor
Boots  <> Ralph Lauren // wishing I had these

On Brandi:
Hair <> Tutorial on Treasures and Travels
Top <> Wish Warehouse
Necklaces <> Bueno key & Bueno name plate
Wrist bling <> Chrisrann
Pants <> PacSun
Shoes <> Tom's

Kelly showing off her wrestle mania moves. Just ignore the last photo if you are easily offended. She is just practicing her booty tightening skills. -b

Kelly's Weekend Recap
I got a call from a friend on Friday, just as I was leaving work, Inviting John Korey and I out to the country for some moonshine and art shopping. An hour and a half later we driving to the hill country. As soon as we pulled up we were greeted with smiles and Shiner, followed by a night digging through Chicken George's work and firing off a vintage gun. Well, I didn't, but Cheryl and Dolan did :)

Saturday was back to work and date night with JKP

Yesterday, John Korey and I attended the I Do! Bridal Soiree at the Hotel Zaza. Brandi was going to go with me, but last minute had to take a few clients, so JK jumped at the chance to drink bubbly and check out a bunch of 'girly things.' (post coming soon) The weekend ended with some good ol' fashioned family time at my pops and uncles house.


Brandi's Weekend Recap
So Friday I spent all day (10-6:30) flying back to Houston from California then Arizona, thank God I was in first class! My second flight had issues so I just sat there and sipped my wine like a good patient little lady. When I got home all I wanted to do was shower and go to sleep. Instead I showered and ordered a Pizza all for myself... and it felt good.

Saturday and Sunday are a blur. I worked hard at Do or Dye Tx then hung out with Family and grubbed.

We hope you had a great weekend too!

Instagram Fun:
@lisenbesquared (Bran and Jacobs!)
@iheartbueno (Kel)