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Thin Layers <> still looking for this sheer white top or something close.

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I'm not sure if it's the weather, the season change (yes, in Houston, there is a difference), the traveling or all the moving, but lately, I just want to toss out my closet and replace it with only a few key, classic pieces with a few trends thrown in the mix. Sometimes, I find myself buying something because it's a good deal or on sale, but then it just lives in the back of my closet and when I try to wear it, it's not me. Done with that. In trying to smart with money, I've really ended up being a whole lot of dumb. Anyone else feeling this way? These are a few of the key items I'm looking for this Fall.

A Wool Cape or Pancho // I have a cheap version that has served it's purpose of the the last two years that I bought F21. While I love it, I feel it could easily fall apart if I took it on a few camping trips and isn't all that warm. I need something wool that can handle a rough edge. Click here to view my F21 pancho and Brandi's Pendleton pancho. She was probably a lot warmer.

Studded Accents // Because it's fun to think you're a badass. I just need to order some studs online because I have a killer denim vest that would be perfect to studify. 

Thin Layers // A good chunk of Fall and Winter here in Houston is still pretty warm. I love to layer it up just to trick myself into thinking the weather is changing with the season, so keeping it thin is pretty key.

Adding Texture // Fur, and Faux Fur are awesome ways to stay warm without piling on the layers and they instantly transform the look of your outfit. I really like the idea of a short fur cape. I'm hoping to score something like this in a thrift shop, but if I don't, I've found a few places online that are almost what I want... Got to keep looking.

Slouchy Pieces // Comfort and Stylish always win in my books. 

A Badass Jumper // I REALLY want this jumper. I've searched high and low. Anyone know where I can find it. It would be awesome for traveling in the Fall and Winter because I could just change out the shoe and jacket to change the look. My heart is set on this one.

Boots // They just might be my weakness. I don't think I'll ever have enough. 

Hats // Still searching for that perfect hat to travel in and wear with every outfit. 

A Leather Jacket // It's so dang hard to find the perfect leather Jacket! I think this might be the year I get one. I've tried looking in thrift shops, but the fit is never right. A good fit is definitely key. I've fallen for the look of this sueded jacket, but I've found some nice styles over at All Saints as well.

Well, wish me luck out there. haha. Are you on the hunt this year? What key items are you looking for this Fall?

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