Last night Josephine, Taylor, and I headed to the Stash Co. Factory for a private living room show with Will Johnson. I had never been to a living room show with such _______ surroundings. Every time I am at the Stash Co. factory it inspires me in a completely different way. I just love that place so much and I get a little choked up when I think about Kelly getting to work at such an amazing company with people with hearts of Gold. I feel like she really found a place where she belongs.


But back to the show...There is no better feeling than sitting around a room full of awesome people all wanting to hear some sweet tunes. It was perfect and just the kind of night I needed. The lights, all the colors, and Will's raw voice that encouraged a sing-a-long was the highlight of my night, or ...was it Cheryl's Gourmet sandwiches in my belly. That's a tough one... I highly suggest you check out Will's music, I hadn't heard him live before but I'm glad I got to.


Josephine bought a one of a kind fringe belt pack and I bought some vinyl and had it autographed:)
I will definitely be going to the Stash factory next week to buy some goodies. I want an Apron to wear at the salon and I have my eye on some other bags. The question is buy one for Jacob or myself???
 Text to Jacob "Hey babe thinking of you while I ... hahaha."

Then I got a text from my main squeeze saying he was back in town so we headed to The Montrose to have a night Cap with him. Isn't he cute?