WWWWW /// BoomTown Coffee


Kimono /// Bag /// Flatforms /// Bangel /// Sunnies /// Fitbit /// Tank /// Shorts

WHO would I go with /// I would meet a friend, family member or co-worker at boomtown for a quick catch up, a heart to heart, or even a brainstorm session.  

WHAT to order /// I'm easy I just order iced coffee (black) with a little cinnamon.

WHEN /// I like this place for a morning meet up or a middle of the day hang.

WHERE /// BoomTown Coffee is located in the Heights on 19th Street.

WHY /// I love going in and seeing familiar faces, I actually ran into a couple friends so it was a nice high for the day. I met up with my girl Kristen Joy for a brainstorm session, we have lots of different projects we are working on separately and it's nice to get a different perspective/ feedback from another creative. 

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Photos by @Kristenjoy_com /// check out her blog and IG for food, interior, travel, DIY, & fashion... you have probably seen her house on my snap, it's amazing!