WHAT'S IN MY BAG /// Makeup

I usually don't wear too much makeup because I actually like the way I look without it. There is nothing like a fresh face in the morning. I've always loved waking up and seeing my family or my friends without makeup, I just think everyone is so cute and beautiful right when they wake up.  But, for work, special occassions or when I need to be a little more presentable because I don't want to come off messy or lazy I have fun with makeup. I have a make up bag full of Goodies thanks to my girl Ginny Lee! A couple months ago I called her up and asked for help because 1. I didn't know how to put it on and 2. I had no idea what I needed to buy. She knows that I like the natural look (minus bright lippy) and I just want to enhance my features so I trusted her. We met up  and had a blast trying different lippy's and highlighters bc I like to glow. We shopped here and here /// Below is what is in my makeup bag. I always encourage a darker bag so you don't get makeup leaks and look like a dirty girl when you pull it out in front of people. 

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