Hey friends! I've been getting alot of requests on snapchat for hair tutorials  so I decided it was time to bring them back. Since cutting my hair I had to figure out what my go-to look was going to be.  My short hair was totally different than my old routine of going to bed with my long hair wet and it looking exactly the way I wanted it to when I woke up. I actually had to fix it! Can you imagine!? Ha! Well it took awhile but I found out a new routine with my hair and I am loving it!

My Routine ///

On my clean hair day I let it air dry. Next, I spray Antigravity (available at Do or Dye Tx) in my hair and brush it in evenly. Then I begin with the U Smooth Wave Iron ( yes you can purchase at Do or Dye Tx). When I have waved all sections I spray shimmer shine at a distance and more toward the mid to ends, for shine and it smells AMAZING! Did I mention it has gold flakes in it? Last I take a little it of Easy Ryder, also available at Do or Dye Tx, and I emulsify in my hands then barely touch my fly aways on the top of my head. I also run my fingers through the mid to ends to break up the waves and get rid of my fluffy clean hair. I do not usually spend as much time as I do in this video but I wanted you to see how to do it. Once your comfortable with it you can do it the way you like. Sometimes I miss strands in the back on the bottom but that's ok the top pieces cover it. This look will last me all week. On the days I run or go to the gym which is most days, I wait til the sweat air dries and then I spray my favorite dry shampoo. I know sounds gross right? But it's not. My dry shampoo actually cleans my hair and absorbs any oil...and no dirty scalp smell either. PROMISE. Jacob hates dirty scalp smell or any weird smell so he would def let me know! Sometimes I go back and touch up strands but its only ever a few. I hope you find this video helpful, and please let me know what other Hair To's you'd like to see. 

OHHHHH how can I forget!!! We will be teaching all this and more at another HAIR TO CLASS  at Do or Dye Tx on August 21st from 1-3pm /// The last class was such a hit and so many people missed out because they didn't get their tickets on time so we decided to keep them going. Only this time instead of just teaching with the wand, you get to pick which tool you want to learn with. You don't wanna miss out on Champagne, Treats, Hair Tricks/ Tips, a new understanding of your hair, swag bag, and a group of awesome ladies!