CASA /// Moved in

Chair /// Couch /// Rug  /// Mirrored Tray /// Gold Candles /// Whale /// Planters ///  Tea Set /// 

We've been in our home for a little over two weeks now, it feels great but we still have so much to do. With crazy schedules and Jacob being out of town it hasn't left us much time to get situated and really settled in. The only plans we made for July 4th was to find a Mattress, Bed, and new TV (RIP Flat Screen) since we knew there would be some awesome SALES! First we purchased our new Mattress, we went with the alcove plush king, never had a king size bed so we were really excited. It feels like we went everywhere to find the best deals, I started to fade after a couple hours and Jacob kept us going. We finally decided on  THIS BED, This ENTRY WAY CONSOLE, and THIS MEDIA CONSOLE.

We still have lists and lists of what we need to get but we are going to get them over the next few months because we do not want to put anything on credit and we do not want to rush our decisions. We are on the hunt for the perfect bar stools for our island, and a couple of rugs so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.  

Oh and if you follow me on snap you probably saw our day of shopping, go check it out! @buenobrandi 

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