Jacobs parents got us into oil diffusers and we will NEVER turn back. There is nothing like coming home and taking in the fresh smell of whatever we have diffusing. When we lived with my grandmother I remember Jacob trying to get her to start using oils for health reasons.  At that time we didn't have a diffuser so Jacob would just fill the pot with water , add some oil and turn the stove on super low. The days we did that we slept better, our allergies cleared up, and my grandma's lungs were much better.

Now we have a diffuser in every room of our house. There are so many benefits to using essential oils and now with our diffusers we are reaping the benefits. When our friends walk in our house they always comment on the scents so it's a great conversation starter as well. We really have a lot of fun trying out different oils, studying the benefits and making our own blends. Jacob even concocts his own scent. I keep telling him he needs to start selling them at Do or Dye Tx Salon because he is a man that always smells good and people always ask him what he is wearing. If I hug him in the morning his scent stays with me all day and people recognize the smell or think he's right behind me. yup. True Story. Anyway...

Here are a few of our favorites and the benefits that they give.

Lavender helps relieve tension, so naturally we use this a lot. If we have trouble sleeping at night I  grab the lavender oil and rub some into our pillowcases. In our bedroom diffuser I mix Lavender, Chamomile, and Peppermint oil or Peaceful Sleep blend I will also take a couple drops and rub them on my temples for immediate relaxation or rub it in my hands, cup them over my nose and inhale. Lavender also helps heal bruises, cuts, chapped lips, and skin irritation. 

In the main room it just depends how I'm feeling, if I'm feeling a little down I will add Rose oil to boost my mood and avoid feeling any kind of depression. If you want a fresh smell that actually does clean surfaces mix Clove and  a Citrus oil. My favorite oil to start the day is Peppermint oil because it purifies the air and stimulates the mind.

Eucalyptus is great to diffuse if you suffer from allergies, or prone to getting colds. If you need to clear your sinuses or relieve muscles add a few drops and keep that diffuser going. Do not ingest or use on skin undiluted. 

Use Oregano, to prevent or heal colds.  I diffuse this alot during flu season and even make my own Oregano pills because it has amazing natural antibacterial and immune boosting properties.

For you travelers /// Grapefruit oil helps with fatigue and it helps with jet lag.  It's a natural antiseptic so its perfect to add to your DIY home cleansers. 

To keep bugs or fruit flies away use Citronella oil in your diffuser.  It can also treat  and soothe the irritation from bug bites by applying to skin!  Other great benefits is that it helps prevent colds, fevers, headaches, and relieves pain to those with arthritis. If you wanna calm your dog and stop it from barking leave the diffuser on and see if this helps. 

Use Lemon oil to uplift your spirit, use on your pets to get rid of fleas, diffuse it to increase focus and concentration, and soak with a few drops in your tub for a detox.

Frankincense is magic. My father in law had a little skin cancer on his neck and he rubbed frankincense on it everyday until one day the skin cancer  just fell off and he was healed. Also works great with minor cuts, bug bites, inflammation, immunity, and spiritual awareness.

To calm upset children, or myself bc I still have Snuggles the bear in our bed, (don't judge me!) just add a couple drops of Lavender and Chamomile to their stuffed animals and put a diffuser in their room. To calm yourself down add those drops to your bath water and drink a glass of wine while the diffuser is on as well.

I'm gonna stop there so I don't overwhelm you but I encourage you to read up and try some oils out yourself. Start with a Variety Pack.  If you already diffuse at home what are your favorites?

 If all this relives anxiety, improves sleep, has healing effects, repairs chapped lips, prevents allergies, cleans the air, keeps bugs away, and makes your house smell amazing why would I not diffuse? CHOOSE TO DIFFUSE! Ha Ha Jacob came up with the title and I love it.