Photos by Natalie Upton @uptonallgood

Last month we had another successful and fun Hair-to Class at Do or Dye Tx. There is no greater feeling than seeing the expression on someones face when a lightbulb goes off in their head. We got to experience that with 10 ladies who signed up to learn how to achieve photo worthy hair everyday. 

Class Schedule ///

  1. - Shampoo & Condition (what to use, how much to use and how to properly clean and condition your hair)
  2. - Prime Hair (what products are best for your hair type) - Blowout (tips and secrets to blowdrying) 
  3. - Desired curling style and how to keep them from falling and which tool to use (beach waves, sultry curls, barely bent) - the best backcombing secrets
  4. - Finishing (finding the perfect finishing product to achieve desired look)
  5. - How to get that instagram worthy hair photo

Using good products and tools are key for achieving the look you want. Only buy products that your stylist recommends so you don't waste your time and money on the wrong product for your hair type. Also Do NOT use cheap product from the grocery store even if it is a legit brand. The integrity of that product has been jeopardized and you do not know where it came from. If you are interested in trying Kevin Murphy, Moroccan Oil, or Living Proof please stop by and ask someone for a hair prescription for your hair. 

Class also includes /// Q&A Before and After photos (don't worry if you are camera shy, we take side profile and back shots) and Sips & Treats (Champagne and Morningstar Donuts)

After Hair-To, you will leave with ///

  • Hair Knowledge
  • Kevin Murphy Goodie Bag
  • Travel size Shampoo & Conditioner specifically for your hair type
  • Travel size Anti Gravity
  • Wet Brush
  • Notebook
  • Customized Pencil
  • Customized Stationary  from Charm & Fig / Birch & Goldberry
  • Coffee Beans from Greenway Coffee
  • Donuts  from Morningstar (not in the bag but included in class)
  • 10 % off products or styling tools purchased day of class

Big thanks to our sponsors Charm and Fig, Birch and Goldberry, Morning Star, and Greenway Coffee, without you our class wouldn't be complete! 

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