PLANT LIFE /// Planters

I spent a good portion of 2017 learning how to keep indoor plants alive. If you follow me on instagram ( @buenobrandi ) you have seen that I don't suck at it. I've had a few casualties but I think thats part of the process. Trial and Error. Most the time is was due to over watering. I keep meeting people who say they can't keep anything alive and need help. So consider this as my first post to help ya out. I am no expert as I have many questions myself but we can all learn together and swap tips! 

My advice to someone who is interested in plants ///

Start with one plant baby. Research it. Google it! How much light does it need? How often should you water it? What kind of planter is best? What size planter? You should ask your local plant shop. If you live in Houston and are new to the plant club, check out Buchanan's, they will answer all your questions and are really friendly. Once you can handle keeping one plant alive... buy another. Below are the planters I like to keep my babies in at Home and at The Salon ( Do or Dye Tx ) Most of them have drain holes which is important for me. If they don't have a hole I drill one or I put a pile of rocks at the bottom so my roots don't rot. I Hope you find this post helpful and feel free to ask me anything. 

Other planters not linked that I like to shop at ///  The Boho Stow (vintage)  & Ashes and Fire (handmade ceramics)