For some reason I thought I had been to Destin before with my family but I thought wrong. It wasn't Destin, it was Panama City in 2001. We recently watched a VHS of that trip when we were helping my Mom move in. Oh my Gosh we laughed so hard. I am so glad my dad recorded that family trip but I wish I could go back in time and just appreciate it more. I was such a Ugh!!

Anyway Back to Destin. We were invited to go on our friends Babymoon. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a relaxing or romatic getaway you take before the baby is born. Does everyone take them? Is it just an American thing? I should probably look that up. Jace and Katie just thought it would be fun if we all went together. Out of 21 people 4 couples were able to go and celebrate which happen to be the same group from a Ranch Trip we took 2 years prior so we used the same hashtag #robertdelalisenpirt 

 We spent our days drinking coffee, making breakfast, pouring mimosas, taking our time getting to the beach, listening to music, playing cornhole, I finished reading a book, getting way too much sun, eating some more, sipping drinks, hanging out on the balcony with the ladies, making dinners, playing card games, watching our favorite musicians on you tube, late night walks to the beach, and passing out from pure exhaustion. It was perfect and just what we needed. 

On our last day at the beach Jace and Katie started playing volleyball with some high school girls and I pictured their future for a sec. Playing volleyball with their teenage daughter and her friends. Baby Pirtle is so lucky to have these parents and I hope we get to take future family vacations with them and watch her grow up. I can be the crazy Aunt videoing and taking the pictures the whole time. Wait? I already do that!

Where we stayed ///