Smooth Affair- This is what I start with to prime and brighten my face and it feels so good. I love this whole line. Come to Do or Dye Tx salon and try whatever you are interested in. 

Dream Tint - I am in love with this tinted moisturizer. It is light but gets the job done. Click here to buy or come to the salon and match up your skin color.


Shell Highlighter - I love putting this in the corner of my eyes, bridge of nose, my tear drop above mouth and chin. It makes me glow a little. 

L'oreal Double Extend - Blackest Black - My all time favorite mascara bc they don't smear and its easy to take off.

Lip and Cheek Stain - Forever Peach

Erase Paste now called Boi- ing Concealer - I panicked a little because I couldn't find it but it's because they changed the name. Praise The Lord. This hides my blemishes even my broken blood vessel on my cheek if I care that day. Great for under eye circles. The best actually.

Pat McGrath Labs - Bronze Ambition Eye Palette - when I'm feeling like I need a little extra, I love a good copper lid and I just apply it with my finger.

Bare Minerals Bronzer - Warmth - This is my all over the face bronzer that makes me look tan all year round!

 Benifit - They're Real


Glossier - Boy Brow I love the packaging and the cute pink pouches everything comes in.

Make-Up Bag - I got this one awhile back so I'm linking another bag from same store.