a weekend to try something new

Friday after work I made a last minute trip to Lake Travis, which is on the west side of Austin. My car has no ac at the moment so it was a very WARM ride, but after sweating about as much as a mexican is allowed to sweat I was finally reunited with two good friends. Friday night we drove into Austin and ate dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, Karibu. The environment was simple, the family that owned the place were lovely and BONUS, there was a DJ and a dance floor so after dinner we busted out the jazz squares. I had never had Ethiopian food before, but if you are up for it you need to ( just keep in mind you will not be eating with utensils, so don't ask for them).

Next, on my list of new things was a walk down 6th street. I have visited Austin many times and I have been down 6th street in the day, but never at night. I was disappointed. 

After staying out on Lake Travis all day Saturday, Brian took Layla, Sean and me sailing while the sun was setting. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! We were in a small boat so every time the wind shifted we had to help manipulate the weight of the boat by maneuvering our bodies around and off the boat. The sky was pretty clear so we caught a good view of the open night sky which went perfectly with the soundtrack of the wind catching the sails. I now see what the big deal about sailing is. Eventually, I want/need to buy a small sail boat and learn to sail.

Last on my list of new things I tried this weekend is circus yoga. My friend layla and I met in dance classes while in college so we always goof around improving or exploring different ways to weight share. While she's been in NY she picked up a few new moves and brought them to Texas. I have no idea how to identify what we did except that she called it circus yoga and it was so much fun/exhausting. Look it up. I guess it can also be called acrobatic yoga and while I was playing around with it, I was reminded of the works of Pilobolus (except not as extreme).