701.8 HEL

I LOVE books. I could spend all my money on books and never feel guilty for it, but since that isn't very logical (sometimes i need to buy gas) I went to the library. I asked my cousin who wants to be an illustrator if she ever goes to check out books with cool illustrations and she said no. Of coarse I had to take her. With an hour before it closed we renewed our memberships, found the pitiful art/design section that consisted of two small shelves and checked out four books each. I check out books on type, DIY, design, and a wheel book for fun. I don't remember all the books my cousin checked out, but I know one of them was a book of superman illustrations (super cool) and the other one was a collection of illustrations by Maurice Sendak. We looked all over for that book because I asked her if she wanted to go with me to see Where There Wild Thing Are when it came out and she had never heard of the book/movie/illustrator. I was on a mission to introduce her to the uber texturized illustrations of Sendak and it was successful. She was in love.

If you haven't read a book in a month, it's been too long. Get your bum to the library asap!