california dreamin...

So Jacob and I left houston and made it to Carlsbad California in 24 hours...not such great time bc we made a lot of stops! No hotels, no sleeping, just music, talking, and watching arrested development season 1 and 2. It actually wasn't so bad. To see our friends it was totally worth it.

The first thing I did when we arrived was take a hot shower! Sweet Jesus it felt amazing. After that we all went to Cost Co to plan meals and get food for the week.

Our appetizers last night were Cucumbers cut up in slices drenched with fresh lemon juice.
(Kelly showed me that) Everyone loved them....healthy and satisfying.

Our meal was chicken fajitas, grilled red, green, and yellow bellpeppers, onions, corn tortillas, and blackbeans..those black beans had been in the pot all day so we were sooo ready for them!

Drinks: Red Wine, Paulaner, special beers, and fresh lemon juice water.

Desert: yummmmy S'mores!

After all that food Jacob and I crashed out bc we were pooped! Sorry friends we were lame.