early early wednesday

Today we woke up at 5ish to get to the new Henry's (Carlsbad) market by 6 am. Grand opening! First 200 people get a bag full of groceries for FREE!! none of us have ever done anything like this so we were stoked! the store didn't open til 8.... so chloe brought jenga, brent and jacob brought the coffee, i brought the cameras, and haley brought her smiles:) we were completly entertained the whole 2 hours in line. You meet the most bizarre and interesting people at these kinda things.

P.S. we scored on the free groceries woo hoo!

inside the reusable shopping bag:

organic honey nut O cereal
blueberry bagels
bbq sauce
corazonas chips
cheesy herb pizza crust
sweet tea
flax oil for smoothies
black tea
volcanic red coffee beans
newmans own peppermints
cliff bar
burts bees wax lip balm