fisheye fun to start your tuesday....woooo

pretty kirby, shwah, brent, the lighting
my nephew Ryder loves water and being outside in it.
these are my friends vintage super jealous!
this is my cutie brother watching after his son (Ryder)
chloe and the vintage boards...sounds like a band
omg this is my nephew and his belly...i love him
Aub and Korey saying buh bye to the Nettles......
The Nettles are our best friends and I miss them... so does shwah
Ryder obsessed i know ...but he is so ahhhh!
hahaha out of creamy...Koreys sad about that.
my client micah b playing with a laptop from 1980 something
the ladybird herself James and her BF Aub and friend Korey.
Aubry and the green chair....