Jesus, plaid, and brown paper bags

I can not wait for tomorrow! We are throwing a party for my love muffin(its his bday on halloween) at my cousin Taylor's house. And guess what? i still don't have our costumes! eek. We spent the night at Tay's last night so that we could decorate the house and get things ready and we ended up staying up til 4 am having the best time!
This morning came I had the longest day at the salon but i enjoyed it bc i have the coolest clients! im relaxed and all clean now bc my hubby had a boiling hot bath with candles all over waiting for me to soak in, while he made me dinner. He even made me a lil relaxing playlist. THE BEST EVER!
 Now its time to put together our costumes! We keep changing our minds so wish me luck:)

Picture 1.  i love the art cars especially this Jesus one! Rannie's saying a lil prayer for you!
Picture 2.  Suzie Q came by to hang with us while we were decorating and she had the EXACT shirt my cousin Taylor had. crazy bc they are thrift finds:)
Picture 3. Ginny and Ash helped me cut faces out of these brown paper bags.

 Ill post more pics of our DIY halloween decor this weekend! Hope you are having fun putting your costumes together.