unicorns in the sky, denim playsuits, boots and tecate ACL 2009

if i am dancing i am having a good time. i plan on dancing a lot!

cool mustache guy
I wonder if i will see this guy again. last year i saw him each day of festival and got a photo of him every time. remember my post Best stache at ACL?
we are in texas
must these cowgirls litter? they are obviously POSERS. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!
pink undie guy
I love this guy! I got so happy when i saw him in his pinky undies and chanel like shades.
so many characters I can't wait to snap away this weekend.
he got POO POO under his eyes! poor cowboy.
unicorn balloon....
maybe they are in a band or maybe they just wanted attention?
but damn i know they were burning up in those suits.
that's right girl, yawn away, she must have been watching a boring band.
they had poo on their teeth.

 at ACL it rained and it rained and it rained, which made people start wrestling and sliding around in the mud (POO POO) hahaha. Hello! we knew that! it smelled like it.

usually i'd say don't rain on our parade but this past weekend i said BRING IT!
rain on me, rain on us!
everything was amazing at acl this year, the grass on day one, the rain on day two, and the mud baths and smiling faces on day three. i love texas!