DIY Music Journal

I am in love with DIY blogs and projects. I was raised doing crafts all summer and winter long. Now as an adult you gotta make time.
 This is a big reason i signed up for RED VELVET ART Craft Class. ITS SO MUCH FUN. It makes me set aside time for crafting.  Still havent got the crochet granny square clutch yet bc i cant learn off a video:(
Anyway, My friend Elise shares a Halloween birthday with my hub and we just went to her party and i made her this...(learned a new way how to bind this journal in the craft class)
the front cover: i used a vintage rock magazine, vintage childrens book,  envelope, cardboard, brown paper bag, & pink duct tape
Inside: brown paper bag heart cut outs, my gmas pop quiz from over 20 years ago(shes a voice and piano teacher), random dividers, index cards,
lil pocket for her guitar pics.
big envelope for her secrets, love notes, inspiration & polaroids.
Front and back cover

       i threw in random paper and used a bunch of different paper cutters

  throughout the journal there are lists to fill out about music.
         Favorite albums, favorite bands, songs, albums shes worked on, albums shes purchased, albums she wants, hates, and so on.... hope you like this idea. Jacob and I are already starting on our DIY Christmas...I think Kelly has to.