i heart mondays!

1. i heart this 5 dolla decomposition notebook...i have a zillion notebooks all through the house bc i never finish one. Made with recycled materials and contains planet saving tips on inside cover.  SUPER DUPER!

2. i heart Kirsten's hair. This was in W magazine april 2007. I saved this issue bc of her photos.
heavy bangs, beachy waves.... make me smile. To get this look i spray Aquage sea salt spray in my hair and grab a large curling iron and wave random peices of my hair....then shake your head! and comb with fingers! wah- la!

3. i heart Jason Schwartzman and this clip from slackers. "i luh yu"

4. i heart his music video "Microphone" as well. you should buy both of his albums! also...watch bored to death HBO on sundays!

5. i heart my new glasses , thanks Lizzie J! I got 2!

6. i heart my dream kitchen. so clean, organized and all white! and this dining room set up has me drooling! i would like an all white  bedroom too but jacob says it would be too 
distracting? uh what?!