10 bits of information from facebook status

While passing time at work today I learned a few things through facebook. Thanks live feed!

my first Lubbock snowman 

2. Everyone in Lubbock is either really excited or extremely put out about the snow.

3. 12/1/55 Rosa Parks, beginning of the modern civil rights movement (read here).

4. Monahans and One Wolf are playing on Ave Y in Lubbock December 4th. 
    (I miss Lubbock).

5. Today is World AIDS Day. Get tested (free and anonymous) @ the UH Clinic from 9am-5pm. 
please contact Melanie Pang (houston) if you have any gently worn clothes or unwrapped gifts to donate for those affected by HIV/AIDS. 

6. Fred announced he is going on a diet. (never sitting next to him at dinner again)

7. CHECK OUT THIS CASTING- Jerry Seinfeld is hand selecting couples for his brand new NBC comedy series about married life. We need couple CLICK HERE.
(Brandi and Jacob?)
    ANOTHER CASTING- A major cable network is looking for the closest family in America....literally! If this is you and your extended family CLICK HERE.

8. The Flaming Lips will be playing on new year's eve in Oklahoma City. 

10. What the heck is google wave?