A day of organization and packing.

Im going to California (orange county) to see my lovely Danielle! This is her below. Isn't she beautiful!  Anyway, she is opening up a boutique called Pretty in Pink! Im so so so Proud of her!

So tomorrow Jacob is going to drive Joseph and I to the airport super early.  Jacob can't make it bc he has gigs:(
***If you live near Costa Mesa you should come check it out! Dec 5. Grand Opening Party! WOO!

Hopefully Ill get to see these lovelies too! minus Jacob:(

So Today im busy packing and going tback and forth from the storage unit, trying to get rid of things, and figuring out what to sell, what to keep, what projects to finish...or start...UGH!
Im really bad at packing light and want to try this time...so WHAT SHOULD I PACK FOR SURE?

I don't know what the weathers like so anybody wanna give me a heads up? Are you an expert at packing? any tips? I always over do it.
 I sure do hope Jacob posts this on etsy while I'm gone....hint hint. He did a great job taking pictures.

I don't know if I will be blogging while on vacation but I'll be sure and take lots and lots of photos! When I get back  I'll be sure to announce winner of giveaway! If you haven't already signed up go ahead and enter!!!!!  love love love!