a week in california.

I called him after he dropped me off for one more Hug and Kiss. 5 am

Even though i was sad jacob couldn't come with us we were pumped about Cali!

yay we made it alive!

Pretty in Pink Boutique. Costa Mesa.

I want that shirt!

Joe got this ring!

Danille and Holly painted this wallpaper themselves. It was white before. I tell everyone.

Grand Opening Party! more pics HERE

Dani teaching Joe the register.

It was a success!

had to bundle up everynight for bedtime bc the heater was broken. I also wore socks, legwarmers, and a jacket.

Hit up local spots.

I need this! The woolly pocket.

Brent prayed over our delicious meal at Native Foods.

I want a fountain like this in my backyard.

Goodtimes with Good friends. Brent gave me another cd of his. Its ridiculously good.
They drove in from Encinitas to see me:) I feel loved.

they danced by themselves. Joe got up on chairs. They were shhhh'd by someone watching Brothers and Sisters. Haha!

I was happy that I could sip a martini and watch Brothers and Sisters

Smoked the Hookah. Flavored Tobacco people.

Rare to get all three of us in a pic. Thanks Ryan.

Gotta snap a shot every trip I take.

I love this board so much! AMAZING! This was at Surf Heritage Gallery.

We couldn't believe Danielle would wear this out!

I'm short. Yup.

Inspiration for a future tattoo. I've been wanting a jelly fish for sometime now.

Joe and I steaming shipment. I thought I quit retail years ago.

Pretty in Pink now sells Bueno Bueno!

memphis cafe is delicious. soup and sandwich.

Johnny's bar. Good dirty Martini!


Danielle's cute house.

Hek1 at HB tattoo is LEGIT!

Danielle dressed me like a girl. All items from Pretty in Pink.

Joe at worlds smallest airport. haha. Who's he talking to?

Dani dropping me off at airport.
Bye Chola! Miss you! But Im happy to have my morning coffee in the a.m. again! hee hee.
I also got to see Haley and Kylle for coffee one day but I forgot my camera!
I also forgot my camera going to Market.