2 things i love around my home.

 1. our fireplace in our bedroom.
i put my vinyl toy collection on the mantel, along with my favorite cameras.
the for like ever poster is limited edition and a wedding present from Rannie.
I love it so much!
**see the wooden owl? it cost us getting robbed in jamaica. yep so really that owl is like 700 bucks!

2. our shower curtain from urban outfitters (online)
i love that it has pockets all over so that we can stick our favorite postcards, love notes, photos, and tokens from our trips. it took my forever to find a curtain i loved!
I love these posts, thanks kassi for getting me hooked! they never get old bc i love looking in peoples homes and seeing how they decorate.
its so personal. so i hope you invite me to see your favorite two things. send me a link if you decide to do this on your blog:)
P.S. thanks for everyone who has been wishing me well, im starting to feel better. and a super welcome!!! to my new friends.
I MISS MY SISTER MUCHO MUCHO!!! so im gonna repost this video of us being silly. This is one way we like to burn them calories! HEY YA!