This is one of my all time favorite movies, just wanted to post this song so you can enjoy it while looking through the pics! I hope you all have a footloose moment in your life! I've had plenty.

 This year our SFP group decided to rent a van and drive up to Austin for NYE, then hang out at some Wine Vineyards on New Years Day! 

The plan was to meet up at my cousin Taylor's house and leave at 3pm, get to hotel and dress up in our 70's prom attire, eat at polvos, and then head to Egos for Karaoke!

passing by and honking at our friends..I wonder who could that be?

See the hanging scarf? i had to plug up the air vent bc it was just a huge hole!
beautiful drive.

read my diana manual:)

Jacob and I

Fred was first. TWIST AND SHOUT!

Kristen and Kelly were amazing back up dancers!

Fred and me being silly.

Everybody Dance! Cyn, Fred, Katie, & Mark

Darins turn!! Johnny Be Good!

Nick is a natural! 

Dude see these hats? i kept catching people steal them off our table!
he's with us though. (my Cousin Taylor)

Kelly, me, Ginny dancing on stage while Darin sings.

Jacobs dancing and it looks like Taylor just took a shot? ew

We were all impressed by Ginny singing paper planes!

I think this is the best picture of NYE! This man told me to get a back shot too. WHA!! UMM?

Golly Tay!

Nick and Cyn

Ginny and Darin (my cousins...they are married. not related)

Fred and Jacob love eachother!

Jacob and My sister Kelly

Pepper(my cousin) & Kristen

B& K

Karaoke was a blast, Fred's camera was lost/stolen? But that didn't ruin our fun!
After this we went to the hotel, ran through the halls, had random people come in and out of our rooms, ate lots of pretzels, drank a ton of water, jumped on beds, and fell asleep watching couples retreat.
I really think that you should surround yourself with positive and fun people on NYE, People who are REAL friends (not just party friends) It makes such a huge difference. Hope everyone had a wonderful night! Still got the vineyard post and NY resolution post!

What did yall do For NYE? I wanna see your photos!