2009 went by so fast. it was a fun filled year and i had a blast looking back. lots of trips, lots of laughter, and i left a bunch out bc this post is way too long!

our new years bash.
my friend ginny married my cousin darin. jan 17, 2009
i had them walk down the aisle together in my wedding not even a year before this.

our magical day. feb 22, 2008

 we celebrated 1 year of being married! drove to san antonio and stayed on the riverwalk.
(we also went to see our best friend trav play. he's in the chris tomlin band)
we actually changed our wedding date for him too so that he could be in the wedding. haha.
trav we love u. are we gonna spend every anniversary together?


we took my lil sis amy to galveston for spring break.
we longboarded, tanned, goofed off and stayed in a hotel on the seawall. just us 3.

my husband and best friends threw me a surprise party for my 28th bday! they called it BRANDIPALOOZA i was told we were going to a photoshooto, so i went with no makeup and a suitcase full of clothes, make up and props. thank god!
                  see more photos here taken by mr. donald kilgore.


kelly cries

kelly graduates from texas tech.
we surprise her with a trip to paris.

playing at red rocks! ive had the pleasure of seeing ben harper & jack johnson here.

  we had the same last name. the garcia's!
so did kristin and tim which is weird bc they got married.( below)

i love my friends. they were my family when i lived in colorado.

colorado with the 71's.

oh boy this was scary and fun! we jumped off a cliff. but it was under ground. you could see huge black fish swimming all around you. sad note: can you see me? im to the left, next to black swim suit(ash) im about to jump and lose my honeymoon gift.( cuff from hawaii.)

right before we rented jet ski's!

sfp goes to mexico for my cousin taylor's 30th.

august- september.
road trip to california.
fisheye 2 film.

"she wore feathers in her hair" by bueno bueno.

went to ACL with my cousin's. but met up with all our friends.
april got married. did some wedding updo's

kristen hosted another girls night. i treasure these times.

had our first pop up shop.
our bff's came in town.
we shot guns in the country. shot discs not birds.
jacob and i made pecan pies from scratch.

james is featured in n.e.e.t. magazine and mentions my salon as one her favorite places in houson. thanks love!

jacob is going to get the same tattoo. and when we have kids we will have little feathers trickling down.

what we do on on roadtrips to entertain ourselves.

on christmas it had been a year since jacob had cut his hair (there was a bet)
but he still hasn't cut it. crazy.

go to california for danielle's store opening.
got tattoo from Hek 1 at hb tattoo.
met jason schwartzman.
winery with sfp.