hairdressers on fire!!!!

so my friend grace had an idea. for all the hairdressers on montrose to come together and each month we have a class! one of us will teach the class a technique and we all get inspired and educated for free!
brandon taught the first class today at our studio while we ate breakfast tacos and soaked in everything. success!!! this is just what we needed. i am seriously so excited about these classes. i love learning from all the creative people around me. and its awesome that we all want to better eachother, bc there are a lot of competitive jealous (insecure) people in this business. NOT US! love it!
im curious do yall have something like this in your area? whatever your profession might be?
hoping yall are still on the fitness kick! working on your fitness post will be back next monday.
im going to bootcamp tonight. its evenings now.
happy monday to you guys!
i leave this song to you for your music monday:)
its robert schwartzman's solo project called solobob.
it's called the victim.
don't be a victim people. i hate when people play the victim card.
you may know him as the front man for rooney.