I win, I win!

If anyone keeps up with me on here, you know that I went to Houston this past weekend for my parents b-days. It was an amazing weekend and I was so happy to see everyone and squeeze a billion activities into 2 days, but the fun had to end and I made the 4.5 hour drive back to Terrell last night. This time, I brought most of my crafting stuff that I had left behind during my move from Houston because I now know what all I can cram into my bedroom. I had to make seven trips to and from the car to unload everything once back in Terrell and when I opened the door to my room I found a small package from the UK...
I love packages and ripping them open is definitely a good feeling

A while back I had entered a give away @ The Wollie Blog and with all the birthday excitement I had forgot about winning!
 Inside the package, I found a pair of super duper cute acorn earrings and a Wollie DIY Owl kit. I can not wait to sit down and deck this little guy out.
If you are curious to see how this DIY kit can turn out, click here
Then, if you like what you see click here to check out Olly's shop and more delightful critters

So...what do you think of my new earrings???
I love them!
You better believe I wore them to work today :)
I think I may have to buy a few things from the Wollie shop

Thank you so much Olly
If you haven't been to The Wollies Blog, you should. They have some pretty cute critters running around :)