what kind of bangs do you have?
(send us a pic. similar to photos below.)

long and messy

chic and sassy swoop

Danielle says: I love my bangs! I can wear them just straight across when i feel like i am having a bed head kind of day. I usually swoop them to the side it makes me look innocent. I love when i do "the wave" yes i know it was popular in the 90's but im trying to bring it back. Last but not least when i dont want my bangs falling in my face i bobby pin them back and create a small POOF! The best bangs are bangs that you can change everyday!

bang tips:
don't try and cut them yourself. go to your stylist.
when greasy and separated try baby powder or just wash the bangs in sink.
don't touch them so much. that's making them oily.

you have to listen to this song! it is hillarious! i love singing it...."let me take you to da movies shortay"

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