click. wind. repeat. photo shoot.

my mom turned 50 in february and i wanted to do something for her that was special and that she would remember forever. with our crazy schedules we couldn't take a mini vacation (she is a hairstylist too) and with kelly moving to dallas it was impossible.
so i called my friend marc from click. wind. repeat. and asked him if he was available for a photoshoot on the day after her birthday. it was the perfect gift. my mom is always asking us for photos or to take a family photo when we are all together (and we never do because we are brats). so on a sunday afternoon we planned to meet at the park by our house. i really wanted pretty sunlight shots but for some reason that day the sun didn't want to shine.
oh well. thats how it goes right? i love how the session turned out! thanks marc!
i brought all my cameras because i wanted to shoot with all of them and they ended up being fun props too.
the lady at the nail salon asked if we were japanese. we always get that, or hawaiian, or they have no idea and stare until they finally come up and ask "what are you?" i just say...... "human! what are you?" 

this is my crazy family. we might look normal but oh lord......
you have no idea!

this is my little brother jeremiah and his son ryder. this photo melts my heart.

if you are wondering whats up with the "sexy photo's"
we were impersonating the hooters girls photo shoot behind us.

awe little ryder was in a daze, he is usually full of expressions but he had just woken up from a nap. 
good thing he is super cute no matter what!
THANKS for all the prayers for my momma she is home and back to being 100% better:)

photos from sxsw coming soon...
kelly spotted some celebrities and saw some amazing bands!
im kinda jealous...not kinda..a lot jealous!
happy sunday! hope your spending it with family or with a good book!
sundays also good for catching up with your tv shows.