hair tips for happy hair.

so we all know that hair makes all the difference. if we are having a bad hair day we don't wanna leave the house, right? I'm going to give you some tips on how to NOT have a bad hair day. i am not judging you so do not take offense i'm only telling you these things to HELP you.

- do not expect your hair to be happy if you are using pantene, or any other grocery store shampoo and conditioner. cheap shampoo = bad for your hair. it leaves resido, and a waxy build up, and will definitely  weigh your hair down over time. even the professional products sold in grocery stores( be careful), sometimes, most times they are the defect products. i will tell my clients to use a grocery store shampoo when they have dyed black hair and want to strip it out. it makes the color fade super fast.

- do not complain about your hair if you went the cheap route and got a cheap haircut. you get what you pay for. i get so many calls from new clients because they need me to "fix" their bad haircut from _______ ,_______& ______  i won't name the places bc thats not important. but those cheap places want you in and out and don't pay attention to the details.  Just think about this when your not wanting to spend the money on a haircut. YOU WEAR YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. money spent on a haircut is totally worth it. you could start being that person with the HAIR, that everyone talks about. i provide my clients with free bang trims and neck trims to maintain their look a little longer.

- i understand if you are pinching pennies but when it comes to hair try not too. if you want a great color job don't do it yourself, it will fade faster, you most likely will ruin/stain something in the process, waste time, and DAMAGE your hair. the store bought color usually have 20 volume developer, you don't want to keep using that over and over if your just depositing. thats so bad! they have professional products for a reason. i also get a lot of clients who go to dark, or mess up and you end up having to pay way more for corrective color. corrective color usually starts at 100 dollars are there is no guarantee of you walking out with your hair fixed.

i like to reward my clients. they walk around town, people like what they see and end up coming to the salon. so when my clients send me 3 people i provide them with a free haircut.  many of my clients don't even have to pay anymore because they just keep sending 3 people before they come in again.

i also like to treat color clients to a deep conditioning treatment from time to time to keep their hair in amazing condition.

***if you have color on your hair check the ingredients on your shampoo and conditioner. use a sulfate free product. sulfate strips color out of the hair.

* if you have highlights don't even think about applying heat to that pretty & delicate hair without a heat protectant. (that's when breakage happens). try moroccan oil on ends then flat iron or curl.
this is the face i make when someone calls me crying because they tried to cut their own bangs or melted their hair by using bleach themselves. DON'T DO IT! this is how it starts
me: Hello?
client: Dont be mad at me!
me: what did you do?
client: my hair is falling out! i tried bleaching it on my own...

Have you ever taken matters into your own hands and screwed it up?
kassi we know you did and it looks great. that is rare.
have you destroyed your hair in someway?
if you have happy hair send us a picture!