the other sister. the perfect one.

this is our kid sister amy. she's 15. isn't she the cutest? we call her "the perfect child". we as in me, kelly, and jeremiah (our lil brother).
why do we say she is perfect? well because she is... amy is good at everything. she's a sweetie, she is gorgeous, she is really funny and weird, and she is liked by almost everyone. i say almost because she's at that stage where (some friends get jealous of you and can be mean) i want to go yell at them but she just lets it go. she was lucky because she got to learn from all our mistakes and see what we went through.

growing up,  amy heard kelly and i complaining about our bodies and  watched us pinch parts of our body and complain. i have no idea why we did that bc we were naturally thin and active. at age 3 we saw amy pinch her body and say "im fat" and we busted out laughing (at first)! then realized she is totally absorbing everything we do! that's scary. luckily she stopped doing that bc she knew she wasn't fat and just focused on sports and working out. im so glad she likes working out:) its important to form good habits early on.

 when she comes over she is always lifting her shirt saying, "look at my 4 pack bran how can i get a 6 pack?" or showing me her biceps. i like that she is confident. i wish more girls could be confident, i wish i had been confident!!! im glad she never had issues with outside appearance because, its hard growing up and not being satisfied with the way you look. why are girls so hard on themselves? we are all different in sizes and shapes why is it so hard to accept?

now im the one showing her my barely there abs. yesterday she told me she was proud of me! YES!

amy is sporting our bueno bueno key necklace.
loving life the way i wish all 15 year olds could.
what face do i make now?
can i keep this key?
amy you already have one, so NO!
perfect lil sister.

"hahaha what about this face deedee?"
she's been calling me that since she was a baby.

if you are interested in purchasing a bueno bueno key necklace let me know! we only have a handful left. and i hope you know that you are perfect just the way you are. God made us all unique and special. it would be boring if we all looked the same. hope all of you ladies are feeling beautiful today!

go for a long walk, dance around your room, take a class, just do something to make yourself feel awesome today!