shoes in new york.

i am in love with shoes. i'm barefoot a lot but that doesn't stop me from buying shoes!
you should see my closet. poor jacob always trying to get me to downsize my closet.
are you a shoe person?

love pita's oxford's
shoemania in union square $14
these gold shoes. love them. forever 21. $20's price range.

don't get these shoes. rannie got them because jane from sea of shoes teamed up with urban outfitters to design these and they are no bueno.
they look super cute but they wrecked her feet (where laces are inside)
causes major blisters within first hour.

love lauren's aldo shoes too.

ahhhh. freak out! i saw these shoes on little j's feet in gossip girl last year and wanted them so bad!
found them and tried them on at plaza too. they were having an additional 50% off sale. 

Q. do you know who is behind this brand
A. the olsen twins
a pic for jacob. he loves me in heels. but this is all he will see because i didn't get them. am i dumb?
rannie found some super rad elizabeth and james boots and totally bought them.

i got these babies! seychelles. $47 
 love the zipper on the side.

ok no more shoe shopping. i gotta go into town to see my friend Dave again at surface to air. have a great day! i might post again later in the day...we shall see.
what i have learned this week: wear comfortable shoes in new york.