SIck as a dog

Today was definitely my worst day since my move. I don't usually drink milk, but today for some reason I drank the freaking milk and couldn't stop vomiting for about 12 hours. I just ate a cracker (first thing in my belly all day) and so far so good (fingers crossed). I had to leave work early for the first time and I was really down about it, but after I left I got so much worse; It was for the best. I'm really hoping it was the milk and not something bigger that'll put me in bed for a few days.
I know a lot of you have been getting sick so I want to know what do you do when you can't really do anything?

When I'm sick I like to:
1. Watch The Princess Bride
2. Take super hot showers then put a cold rag on my head and fall asleep under 10 blankets
3. Listen to music that reminds me of Alan (since we are long distance and he can't physically be here)
4. Sip on carbonated mineral water
5. If my eyes aren't killing me, I get on the internet and look up art/design that makes me happy

I do find myself bored a lot while I'm sick so if you do anything or know any tricks PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Also, I would like to know your sick personality...are you a self pitying kind or the the tough in denial person? 

Be sure to check back with us this weekend because we have a lot of changes coming up and I'm not spilling the beans :)

I hope y'all are better than me,