I heart Levi's

While I was visiting the family in Houston, I FINALLY bought a pair of pants. It has been well over a year since I've bought a pair of pants, maybe two. I've tried stuff on, but it never seems to work out. There is always one size that too loose and the next size down is too tight and then if you find a pair that fit your waist, they might not fit your thighs and blah blah being a non-stick figure girl is tough while shopping. I won't get started on being small, but chesty and trying to find a fitted blouse.

I really wanted Brandi to help me out, but she had a wedding to go to so I was left to figure out sizes on my own. I went to Levi's with my Dad (favorite place for jeans) and I guess the employees could tell I didn't know what I was doing because they asked if I needed help four or five times in a span of twenty minutes. GRRR. I get overwhelmed when I shop solo. My dad took a little siesta on the leather sofa Levi's provided while I "did my thing."

I found some jeans and shirts to try on and since I didn't know my size, I grabbed four of the same cut. I laughed when I tried on theses pants. I don't think the picture is showing how big they were. It was like wearing JNCO's, the biggest fashion disaster of the 90's.

I found my size and walked away with these for a total of $43.00 (SCORE)

If you like slouchy pants/boyfriend jeans, I recommend you go to a levi's store and buy the 501 boyfriend jeans. They are loose, soft and on sale! The shirts aren't really me, but I needed stuff for work. I need to find some cute vests or patterned cardigans to pair with them and then maybe I'll like them more.

I also got these Minnetonka Moccasins. After wearing them to work today, I'm absolutely in love with them. It was the first time my toes were not ice cubes at work and they are extremely comfortable. I've never owned any shoe like this and now I think I need to own a few including THESE BOOTS!

I really shouldn't have gone shopping because I have still this list of big items to purchase:

1. Lap top
2. CS5
3. Ukulele
4. Digital Camera
5. Sewing Machine

I just couldn't stand looking raggedy at work any longer.

Congratulations to my good buddy, Reed. Starting in May, he will be a designer at Fossil