Record Store Day

I work at an independent record store. However, my store received none of the below items released in conjunction with Record Store Day. I wanted them all. Kelly is helping me through this difficult time.

Classic Pink Floyd album redone, released for RSD on seafoam green vinyl

"Fences" Pink Vinyl 12" - Single with album track plus remix; first vinyl issue 

Vinyl version of new album released early for Record Store Day 

9 Love Songs Box Set 3 Double Gate Fold, 10"S - With digital convenience card, released 3 days early for RSD

 Rocket Skates 7" - Single of new track, includes M83 remix on b-side and digital convenience

"Heaven Can Wait," "IRM" 7" - Single with unique Beck remixes, originally broadcast on KCRW 

Black Moth Super Rainbow (Eating Us) - Extremely limited foil pressed double LP
The Yellow Princess exclusive vinyl reissue for Record Store Day

What did you pick up for Record Store Day? My friends in NYC, San Francisco, Dallas and Austin all had some pretty sweet buys, and I'm sure some of you did too. Even if you didn't, share in my sadness and let us know what you had your musical heart set on for this year's hipster Christmas.

And here are a few random tunes for your sweet self.

JBM - Friends for Fireworks
Heart - Stranded
Doug Sahm - Houston Chicks

Also, many of my artists will be on the road in the coming months, two of which are kicking off a three week run up the East coast this Thursday in Denton. Collin Herring and Warren Jackson Hearne are not only amazing artists, but amazing people as well. Please check out one of their shows in your area and let friends and family know if they're coming through a town near them. If it's not too much trouble. :)

Collin Herring / Warren Jackson Hearne Tour

take care,