Summertime and such

That's right. Summertime. What do you do during the summer? Is there any activity that you do only during the summer?
Here are a few things I'm looking forward to.

Last Summer, I went sailing outside of Austin for the first time with my great friend Layla and her troop. It was amazing. Aren't these sails BEAUTIFUL? If you ever want to take me sailing, I don't really know too much, but I'm down. Any water activities, take me!

I'm usually a lot better at keeping my car clean when the weather is toasty and there's a cute little boy named Ryder assisting me.

I hope I get to go to some parks this summer! Maybe a national park? I will not be settling for neighborhood playgrounds this year.

Me and Brandi have been talking about making a road trip all around Texas. If you have never driven through Texas, you might not understand the desire to do this. I really want to take a trip late summer for about two weeks, but Brandi will be in California throughout June so we'll see how much of a budget she'll come home with.

btw I LOVE sleeping in cars.

My friend Christina (roomie for 3 years) just moved back to the Dallas area from NYC and I can't wait to see her! Lake, beach, pool, lets do it all!

Speaking of NYC, I really want to make a summer visit there. It's super hot in the city during the summer and it sucks because no one has AC, but it's also wonderful. If not this summer, I will definitely be making a trip this fall. I've never been in the fall, but I hear that's the best time. It could be dangerous. I could be seduced by the city and never return.

OH, THE BEACH. How I want to sunbathe at the beach so bad. While Brandi is playing in the California sun, I will be a funky shade of pale brown under some fluorescent lights.
(i'm drinking La Croix - water in this picture)

I super excited about all the music and live shows I will be hunting down this summer. In the photo above, Brandi and Kyle, also known as The Diamond Center. Great people and cool summer tunes to bop/sway along to. 

Download them or just click on their name below to have a little listen.

I can't wait to be in full summer mode. I'm already dreaming of sand.